id2015iDanceCamp is a real intensive school dedicated to professional and not professional hiphop dancers that, following a brisk pace of lessons, meetings and cultural exchange, supply and increase their technique, styles and knowledge about a discipline increasingly known WORLDWIDE. The event consists of 32 classes DIVIDED into 8 days, 4 classes (1hour and half) per day, from 11th to 19th of July. iDanceCamp is one of the most important european eventS about hiphop dance and IT MAKES available to dancers the best choreographers from all over the world.

This year the cast is made up of: Brian Puspos (USA), Ian Eastwood (USA), Jun Quemado (USA), from MOS WANTED CREW, group engaged in the last season of the prestigious tv show, AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW, Scott Forsyth (CAN) from Brotherhood, Chris Martin (USA) from Cookies, Mecnun Giasar (USA) dancer and choreographer from ENCORE, Megan Batoon (USA) from World of Dance, Jeka Jane (USA) from Movement Lifestyle, and from Italy Simone Ginanneschi (ITA) and the Outrule Crew (ITA).

Subscription wil open on: 15th March 2015 



- BETWEEN MARCH 15TH AND MARCH 20TH: total price 400 Euros [SPECIAL PRICE]
- BETWEEN MARCH 21TH AND MARCH 31TH: total price 450 Euros
- BETWEEN APRIL 1st AND APRIL 30th: total price 500 Euros
- BETWEEN MAY 1st AND June 15th: total price 550 Euros
- AFTER JUNE 15th OR FIRST DAY OF THE CAMP: total pricee 600 Euros


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