IDANCECAMP is a real intensive school . This year IDANCECAMP becomes XXL with 48 classes in 2 weeks, the event will take place in July from 8th to 20th. On the 21st there will be also the choreographic contest called ROME HIP HOP COMPETITION, the winner will have the honor to be official teacher in the next edition of IDANCECAMP.


Franklin Yu (USA) - Jun Quemado (USA) - Davide Attuati (ITA) - Bam Martin (USA) - Mecnun Giasar (GER) - Flaminia Genoese (ITA) - Kenzo Alvares (NL) - Brian Puspos (USA) - Amedeo & Desi (ITA) - Scott Forsyth (CAN) - Joseph Ysosh (GRE) - Alisa Tsitseronova (EST) - Shady Salem (ITA) - Duc Anh Tran (HU) - Spillo (ITA) - Ysabelle Capitule (USA) - Simone Ginanneschi (ITA) - Orlando Moltoni (ITA) - Alessio Anello (ITA) - Neji (ITA) - Andrea Attila (ITA) - Matteo Vignali (ITA) - 


IDANCECAMP is a real intensive school dedicated to professional and not professional hiphop dancers that, following a brisk pace of lessons, meetings and cultural exchange, supply and increase their technique, styles and knowledge about a discipline increasingly known WORLDWIDE. The event consists of 40 classes DIVIDED into 8 days, 5 classes (1hour and half) per day, from 15th to 22rd of July. On the 23rd there will be also the choreographic contest called ROME HIP HOP COMPETITION.


Brian Puspos - Jun Quemado - Anthony Lee - Vinh Nguyen - Chris Martin - Markus Pe Benito - Daniel Jerome - Mecnun Giasar - Simone Ginanneschi - Outrule Crew - Amedeo & Desi - Flaminia Genoese - Davide Attuati - Irma Di Paola - Emanuele Battista - Andrea Pacifici - Matteo Vignali - Pau Arnal (Winner of RHHC 2015)


Anche ad aprile, "AREA 292 SPECIAL EDITION" presso il Bounce Factory Dance Studio a Roma.

Per questo mese due gli ospiti d'eccezione:
BAM MARTIN (USA) ballerino e coreografo degli strepitosi GRV.
BRIAN PUSPOS (USA) ballerino originale ed eclettico direttamente dai MOS WANTED CREW.

18:30 - 20:00 - Bam Martin
20:00 - 21:30 - Brian Puspos